Our Programs ...

Teachers and/or Department Heads, if you have a classroom or department need that can not be funded by your existing school budget; please take a moment to complete our Grant Application to see if the Foundation can make a contribution to that need.

Graduating Seniors, the Foundation offers several scholarships which can be applied to any post high-school education.

This includes trade schools, community colleges or four year colleges/universities.

Click the link above to see our active scholarships, requirements and application that needs to be completed and submitted by Friday, April 7, 2023

Working with students to develop life skills that will prepare them for high school and beyond. Short presentations and workshops focused on key areas of life; money management, time management, organizational skills, effective communication, and managing stress.

Become a Volunteer to help facilitate this program.

Social Wellness

Sponsoring events that reduces stress and increases students ability to focus on their classes. Offering de-stress activites during GLC in the area of art, music, meditation, and visits from therapy dogs.

Offering these activities during key stressful times in the school year, help our students in a positive way.

Community Service

Working with local community organizations to get student volunteers.

Working with student leadership to develop community outreach program.

Identfying and Sponsoring student programs that can turn into ongoing community outreach projects.